The Mindful Approach to Bullying

Overview (30-60 Minutes)
This assembly presentation is aimed to introduce students to how mindfulness can have an incredibly positive difference in improving the respect they have for themselves and for others. 

Lou believes when you feel isolated as a teen, you can either go two ways: 

  1. Do everything you can to fit in, often resorting to drugs & alcohol
  2. Isolate yourself from the world and push everything inside

Both have their consequences, and it’s the latter that often leads to the horrific actions we see in schools across the country. Through Lou’s own experience he will shed light on this phenomenon and offer insight on how mindfulness can help students manage whatever emotions they feel. 

Through presentation and practice, Lou’s inspiring message offers a safe environment for students to improve their well being and create a positive impact in the classroom.


Why the Mindful Approach
Most bullying prevention offers ways to reduce bullying without getting to the root cause, thus receiving varying amounts of success. The issue is that of mental health, which is why we can’t treat it on on the surface. Students lash out mostly because of inner loneliness and no understanding of how to cope with emotions. Mindfulness gives them that understanding.

There have been over 1,300 studies done that prove activating the parasympathetic nervous system through mindfulness exercises reduces the diagnosis of mental health concerns. 

Mindfulness Helps Students & Teachers:

  • Manage Uncomfortable Thoughts & Emotions
  • Improve Focus and Attention
  • Reduce Worry and Test Anxiety
  • Increase Compassion and Kindness
  • Manage & Reduce Stress

Mindful practices are experiential in learning which helps to shift inner emotional patterns. Mindfulness helps to develop self-respect and compassion for others. Since empathy is the antithesis of bullying, once a student experience this compassion, they will no longer habitually bully, or feel isolated from their peers.  


Here’s a video that shows why bringing mindfulness to students in this day in age is so important:



  1. The assembly will give students an understanding of what mindfulness is, as well as give them tools they can use and put into immediate practice to better their lives. 
  2. Students will develop compassion for others and be more equipped to safely manage their negative emotions.
  3. Everything adds up to a decrease in the expression of emotions through bullying, and an increase in overall wellness, performance, and happiness in the classroom. 


Bring The Mindful Approach to Bullying to your school:
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Mindfulness is the miracle by which we master and restore ourselves.
— Thich Nhat Hanh