I think you’ll enjoy this story. The word “addiction” in the subtitle can be misleading. The book it is more a journey of self-discovery and proven steps I took to transform my life. I hope it can offer some inspiration for your path as well.

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I know this book can impact your life like it's done for others.

What people are saying...

"I've read a lot of personal growth books and listened to a lot of podcasts since 2014, but until Find Your Truth, I never could fully relate to an author or speaker. I just want you to know that you moved me to a place I really needed to get to in order to start living the life I was meant to." - Paula Hill


"If you've ever felt like there should be more to life, or what you are doing isn't fulfilling, you will love this book. As crazy and unique as Lou's story is, there were so many parts in this book that I could totally relate to and in turn, see myself as the main character. This book is nothing short of inspirational."- CJ Thomas


Simply put, this book is fantastic. As I've gotten into reading personal development books, I often find myself bored and drifting when the author only speaks in theory and hypotheticals. I felt that Lou did a tremendous job of pulling you in with his own, incredibly raw, story and then complimenting that with how you could apply his learnings to your own life. - Chris Henken


What you'll get from the book?

  • How you can turn your struggles into your passions.

  • Stories to show that we all have low points and can change at anytime.

  • How to escape the 9-5 and do meaningful work.

  • The steps you can take to help Find Your Truth and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Who's this book for?

  • Anyone tired of "living for the weekend."

  • Anyone who feels their job lacks fulfillment and wants more out of life.

  • Anyone who is trying to figure out their life's purpose.

  • Those who wants to transform their life and achieve their highest potential.

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